How can you be against GESO and not against unions?

That's similar to a man asking a straight woman why she doesn't like him even though she likes men. 

 How did you get my email address?

If you received an email from us it is because your email address is publicly available on your department’s website. Your classmates who opted not to have publicly listed emails did not get an email. Because Gmail limits the number of emails sent from a single account in one day to 500, GSAS students had to be emailed over the course of several days. Students were emailed in alphabetical order by department beginning with African American Studies on Monday, October 10th through Statistics on Friday, October 14th. Some departmental websites were trickier to navigate, such as Classics and Religious Studies. Any department (such as these two) that took more than 5 seconds to pull email addresses (why couldn’t more be like Economics?!)  were sent on Monday, October 17th. Departments that do not list their students’ email addresses to their site were not emailed because, obviously, their email addresses are not publicly available.

 Isn't receiving an unsolicited email harassment?

If your email is publicly listed, it is so a member of the public can contact you unsolicited. And, as we mentioned in the email, we would only send a single email unless you were listed in 2+ departments. If you felt like that an email related to a topic of interest to the graduate school is harassment, we encourage you to vote against Local 33/GESO in the upcoming elections whose list of harassment tactics spans much more than an email

 Who is funding you?

The following is a list of our top expenses:

Squarespace = $12/month (We know, we know: there is a student discount of 50% off. Mo will do that later. She’s being lazy.)
The GASO domain = $20
Advertising four posts from our Facebook = $20
Ramen = $46
Inbox trolls = Priceless

As you can tell our expenses are not exactly breaking the bank. Alex and Mo, like all Yale graduate students, each receive a stipend and are free to decide how to use it. Sometimes it's rent and sometimes it’s candy. Sometimes it's GASO. And there's money left over for Arethusa.

 Local 33 is funded by UNITE HERE!, a 300.000+ member organization in the US and Canada that has no experience with graduate students.

 Who helped you build the website?

The squarespace help page is surprisingly useful. 10/10 would recommend!

 Are you working with the administration? Who put you up to this?

Local 33 put us up to this when they would not leave students alone. Believe it or not, we can think for ourselves and take our own initiative. Like most political groups with a troubled history, GESO likes to pretend there is a grand conspiracy against them when people they've harmed speak out.

 How did you meet?

Alex wrote an Op-Ed. Mo read it. Mo emailed Alex. They arranged to meet. The rest is history

Do you honestly believe GSA is representative of all students?

The GSA not only represents 52 departments (50 this year) rather than 9, but it represents students in their research years as well while GESO would only represent TAs. Further, the GSA does not charge 2% (~$600) of your income in union dues, its members are accountable to the graduate student body alone (not UNITE HERE!) and all members are volunteers, rather than paid staff, and are thus not beholden to external forces.

Do you honestly think there would be a path to unionization in less than five years without local 33?

Actually, it would probably be faster without Local 33. They are so off-putting! There is the option to ask that the GSA obtain legal status as an union as it's already well-organized, experienced in negotiating with the administration and is made up of volunteers representing all of GSAS. Other options may involve an alliance with local teacher's unions. Either way, it makes no sense to go with the first union that comes to us, particularly given its troubling methods.

 What's wrong with going with Local 33-UNITE HERE! and then just becoming independent? 

The contract, the same as at all other schools, would be with UNITE HERE!, a group that has spent many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars (according to union organizers themselves) to get this union. Assuming that students could just then declare independence is naive, at best.

 Why not join the union and change it from within?

GESO/Local 33 has existed since 1990 and has been constantly accused of the strategies we document on our site, most visibly in DOWN Magazine this year. Students interviewed for that article vocalized concerned at the lack of transparency in Local 33’s structure and the limited ability to voice input or have your ideas heard. Local 33, it seems, is only interested in the ideas of their leadership.

What does GASO stand for?

According to the original GASO Founder, John Gehman, GRD ’03, “One thing that GESO certainly didn’t have was humor. GASO was meant to be a play on the word GESO and to reference the noxious air that they keep spitting all the time.

You should call yourselves PUGS (Peaceful Unification of Graduate Students)

We like this name. And any reason to use a puppy for a logo is a pretty damn good reason. Here is a picture of a puppy because why not.

 PUGS (Peaceful Unification of Grad Students)

PUGS (Peaceful Unification of Grad Students)