Harassment is Local 33's culture

In the words of a former organizer:

"Nothing is left to chance and you can never hide. Everyone must be talked to, repeatedly. You have your numbers for every meeting, for every rally, for every action. And, it is the one instance in life when taking no for an answer, is always provisional. Correction: you never take no for an answer."

Local 33 harassment has been well documented for at least 15 years. This is not by accident, it is a strategy. Within the last year alone, the YDN reported on such harassment and women, graduate students of color, graduate students who identify as part of the LGBTQ community, and their allies wrote an open letter denouncing Local 33 recruitment tactics. A follow-up to that open letter can be found here. Despite losing a vote to unionize in 2003, they remain unchanged in these tactics but have only changed their election strategy in a shameless display of gerrymandering. Their systematic refusal to take 'no' for an answer and violation of privacy has been compared to sexual harassment.

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"An English graduate student, who asked to remain anonymous because most students in his department are GESO supporters, said that GESO’s 'No Intimidation' slogan — a response to perceived intimidation tactics by the office of the dean of the graduate school — is ironic because GESO uses intimidating tactics of its own. GESO members follow people into bathrooms, go to students’ homes uninvited and contact potential supporters repeatedly by email, text or phone, the student said."

- Source: The Yale Daily News

"Organizing strategies that mobilize personal information are likewise particularly oppressive and demeaning when targeted at LGBTQ folk, women, and people of color. It is absolutely unacceptable that organizers are encouraged to make assumptions about the political commitments of underrepresented graduate students and even mimic us in organizing meetings. This kind of reductive and glib adoption of our concerns and our personhood violently dismisses embodied difference; like the blackface, brownface, yellowface, redface, misogynist and transphobic costumes GESO has joined student organizers in protesting, these tactics violently erase the histories we carry in our bodies and what this deep embodiment means for how we experience and understand our political and academic work in this university."

- Source: DOWN