In response to many email inquiries we've added an FAQ section. Thank you for contacting us.

We are a community of graduate students opposed to Local 33  (but not necessarily opposed to a graduate student union).

We denounce their tactics and history of harassment. We are appalled by their shameless gerrymandering. We are concerned that the best interests of Local 33 and UNITE HERE do not align with the best interests of graduate students and we will be taken advantage of to further the political goals of their leadership.

Some of us support a graduate student union, some of us don't. But none of us support the particular brand of graduate student union that is Local 33. 

We don't have regular meetings and we aren't exactly organized. We are just trying to build a community to support each other and spread information. If you would like to join the community, use the "contact us" tab. You can also opt to remain anonymous so as not to be publicly listed.

Check out the story of GASO's humble beginnings here. Visit similar resources at Cornell and at the University of Minnesota.

Community Founders

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Alexandru Georgescu, Physics '17

I am disappointed both in the harassment and lack of basic human decency I experienced from Local 33 organizers during my first few years at Yale, and have heard one too many stories that make me think that I was actually lucky. I am surprised and saddened by the belief of Local 33 organizers who are also PhD students with the same duty to research and consider details that a union is all that matters, regardless of 'details' such as union leaders, labor law and political context. Hopefully this page will provide a different view.

Elizabeth Mo, Pharmacology '18

I am the former president of GPSS. In this role, I often heard students ask if there was anything we could do to protect them from Local 33 harassment. While I understand the importance for GPSS to maintain neutrality in the current environment, I am no longer president nor senator. I'm a free agent, baby, and I got a mission: Stop Local 33.

Too many students are afraid to speak out and I applaud the efforts of those who began this conversation long ago. I hope this site will serve as a space for those who have been intimidated to share their story or their critiques of Local 33 and know they are not alone.  It is time to stand up to Local 33, together.