Resources and Op-Eds

The following are resources and op-eds from the GASO community as well as other people from the Yale community who either oppose GESO/Local 33 or wish their behavior could be improved. (under construction)

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Mo: Better than Local 33

'We can do better than Local 33. Given their 27 years of activity, it is clear Local 33 will never evolve into the union we want or need it to be. Local 33 has rejected inclusivity and ignored its constituents. How can it act in the best interests of graduate students with such behavior?

I envision a union in which departments are represented equally and all students have a voice. One that is transparent and where advocacy focuses on the betterment of the entire community, not just for a select group. We do not need to vote “yes” on the first union that comes along — assuming you even have the opportunity to vote. What about a union that actually stands up for the best interests of graduate students?'



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An Open Letter to GESO Leadership

'We are concerned that while the union has committed to supporting underrepresented students and faculty in its racial and gender equity campaign, its organizing practices fundamentally deny the different ways in which we move through Yale, including the varied political commitments we make, the unique forms of labor we perform as teachers and members of our academic communities, and the many forms of harassment and devaluation we daily experience that exhaust many of us emotionally, mentally, and physically. We emphasize here that these organizing issues are structural, not isolated instances that can be blamed on individual organizers.'

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'An Alternative Fast'

In response to the tag-team hunger strike organized by Local 33 in May 2017, Thomas Hille, a graduate student in Math, writes in the New Haven Independent:

'The clock began ticking the moment the alternative fast was announced, and with every passing hour spent by these grandiose eight, courageously starving in a marvelous shed on Beinecke Plaza — adorned with twinkle lights, flowers, candles, couches and books donated by Yale faculty and U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s office — the somber skies turn darker by the minute over the future of Local 33 or for that matter any future unionization effort by graduate students at Yale.

No, graduate students at Yale are not being illegally detained, are not owed millions, are not being held in dire conditions. Let’s not pretend that our lives can be compared to those in actual need, and for those graduate students that do, I sincerely hope you can eventually wake up from your alternative reality.'